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Friday, May 1, 2009

labour day

i went out with friends to gurney again.Chai Wei,Jia Ying and Jesshahax.
1st time went out with them. different friend different feel. +.+
have my breakfast with my family and Chai Wei.lolx..
After our breakfast,we went to gurney.While waiting for Jia Ying,we just walked around.met my digi's and sony's friends and lot of peoples there.
of cause la.labour day no need work ma.

we ate at Pastamania.shared with Chai Wei.
actually i'm not hungry.but nothing to do.
so.. eat la!
we saw someone whose belong to Jia Ying.lolx..
we saw our school prefect.
we saw girls
we saw boys.==

after we ate,shop again.
bought a shirt n met Chai Wei's friend again.Elaine-- a cute girl
hahaz..we took photos.. neh~
(will be upload soon!)

Jess was reached.we ate again.
this time at Sakae.but we just accompany she
we captured again.lalala~my hair .. so funny. just cut! aikz~
after that. walked again.

up and down.. down and up.
.walked here walked there to anywhere.
went back at 6.30..
so bored!!

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