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Sunday, December 26, 2010

dec. 27,2010

yoyoyo~ yeah!!!
yen is here right now..

it's holiday!
Christmas was over and New Year is coming soon. oh yeah, my daddy and bro's birthday is coming soon too.what's to present my dad and bro? think think think....

What's a nice holiday huh..went to kl with babes and their boyfriend and .. my baby too..haha
*happy* bought a lots~ is broke now.. teehee^^
thanks to my baby wallace has accompanied me anything la..
after the *love* trip..
here's the camp..
it was so tiring but i enjoyed it!
photos a lot but i lazy to upload it now.. so~ wait the time!
All the busy stuff done!
now is the time for me to play,eat and sleep..
i wanna shopping! heels, dresses,bags... blah blah blah..
who wanna be my bank? hah!!! daddy,do you?
please say, YES!

planned to work but... but .. but...
forget about it.>.<
no money no honey but i got baby...<3

oh... one of my babe,ying..
she is so sweet with his boy recently and forget us .. haha..
but i feel happy for her,she is fallng in love!!
of course me too^^

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