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Thursday, January 20, 2011


life life life~~~~

what to do with life?
i'm freaking enjoy.haha...
college life.. yea.. i prefer classes everyday,is better than holiday?
is nothing to do during holiday..
so i'm happy with my college life although i have to do a lotz of assignment >.<
but sometimes~~ really lazy leh! ( just sometimes,not all the time)

2011... 2012 is getting nearer ... argh~~~think to much ady la...

babes, i miss you all!!! when we are gonna t meet up??? i miss the moment that we gossip!! haha.. so 38><

back to topic..

something was happened ..
someone was gone..
someone is....
i realise that . my ah gong is getting older and older..
pity la..
he is not feeling well recently ... something is happened on him..
popipopi... ang gong popipopi..
popi my gong will be fine.. okay?
he is 81years old ady...

babe, i need heart talk la...
when you all free wor...
i wanna shopping ...
money money come~~~~~~
clothes clothes come~~~~~~
dresses dresses come~~~~~~
shoes shoes come~~~~~
bags bags come~~~~~~
ang pao ang pao come~~~~~~
all come come~~~~~~

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