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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

3days more..

I'm really tired..

Miss for no reason... Wait for no reason..

Is the time i have to change..

Forgot about the bad things and look forward.Tomorrow will be a better day.Rainy day will pass and the sun will shine soon!
Its easy to think but not easy to take action
Haha..Someone told me that..Life sure got sadness,it won't be happy everyday.
Now,i just need concentrate to someone?Guess who?
Mine girlfriend---Ying.
Haha..LOve her a lot.
3 days more,I can spend mine time with Ying to celebrate our valentine.

Yen & Ying

P/S:CHAI WEI,u find yr poh pia ?haha..

Ths sunday i have to attend taekwondo grading. Hope i can break the plank.I don't wan fail..'ANG GONG BO BI BO BI'..

Mine elbow.


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  1. kelian ur elbow is heart....wakaka...then u got pass ur black belt ma???it was very easly to break the plank de...