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Monday, October 11, 2010

a great and tiring day!

Hey!guess what's the great day for me??
i am sure that u can't guess it
it's a awesome experience for me! my 1st mv shooting that in my life!

i got insomnia last night n slept at 3something in the morning, then woke up at 8am.
im soooo SLEEPY! but i knew that i can't continue i woke up..
so .. nervous n curios how's the shooting will go on ..
i'm not the pro. one and this is my 1st time!
it's a hot day and we just kept on sweating. haha.. tissue non-stop >.<

the mv that i shoot for is 老牛嫩草.. erm.. will post it after they had done the mv ^^
be patience.. xixi..
so excited! wanna see how's the mv will look like..
knew a lot of new friends ^^

the 学生妹* sorry for i don't know your name* >.<

met my babes at old town,new world park and someone .. shhhh.. secret!
oh yea.. love my babes so much... seems like long time we didn't chit-chat? i think so..
my babe-esther is sooooo busy.. she's a lovely and busy young lady.haha
after old town, we went to esther's house.
cooking mama
she cooked for us! 1st time!
muax.. i love it ^^

the cooking mama*esther*

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