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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

GOD blessing you,friend

2days didn't go to school ..not feeling well..
stomach very pain cause of 'that'.. hmmm..

i heard that one of my classmate was in accident.
so sad to heard that. sorry
she still not yet wake.insensible..
damn worried about her although she just a normal friend for me.
good luck ,friend.
we will pray for u..
we are hoping you come back to school.

Good luck ,Ai Hua
Good luck,my friend!
GOD blessing you

oh ya.two more things i want to say.

1st: ultimaxx street dance competition will hold on 30th of May

each ticket RM15

lacation is DEWAN SRI PINANG (time not sure yet)

anyone interest can buy the ticket from us or any ultimaxx's members

support us!!!!!!

2nd: taekwondo tournament will hold on 9th-10th of June at QUEENSBAY MALL



  1. haha.. both i also will come to support mia... xD...!! jia you jia you