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Monday, April 13, 2009

my dream

i would like to be a designer and air stewardess..
hmmm..i don't know what i'm going to design but i will try it as well as i could..
i like photo edit and photograph.

as a air stewardess,a lot of rules there.
height:for female 157cm above and for male is 165cm above.
this,i pass it.. i'm 162cm+..
but i'm under weight.
i still need 8kg more then only can reach i too thin? think so..
i need eat more? i'll try..
as a air stewardess,need always smile :)
can i do it?think so..
as a air stewardess,skin care is important.
haha.. don't be worry. i like pretty!
as a air stewardess, need a lot of communication.
this is hard for me to ..i not really like to talk :(
damn worried..
as a air stewardess, still a lot of rules there...
i can't list it all here..

actually, air stewardess is a job that similiar with waitress.
but just a high class waitress. hah... somomore can travel..wakaka^^
not bad !! i mean this job..
but can i handle it?..
i know is still early to think that but i'm hoping i can do it.
will my dream come true?
designer,air stewardess,photographer and a mother..

i do like kids a lot..
i want a baby but not now..XD
not just a baby.i want babies
i like to have a day-dream that how i teach my babies
too early to dream of that.
study 1st!!


  1. 为自己的梦想努力和奋斗吧! 加油。。 雪嫣酱聪明,一定做得到!加油加油!不管你选择了当designer, air stewardess 或者是 photographer, 我都会支持你的!!我是说真的!xD.. gambatehh!!

  2. ehhh u wanna be designer/photographer/air stewardness? lolx.. ^^v.. gd luck orh.. hehe!