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Thursday, April 16, 2009

my Thursday

today nothing special for me..
lets talk about my Mathematic teacher..
he is so funny.he said he knew where we stay from the way he see our face!

Mr.Lim:Esther,u stay at Farlim.right?
Esther:No,I stay at Long Wei.
Mr.Lim: Correct ma, Farlim and Long Wei is near.
Esther:..(speechless) about Sheue Yen?
Mr.Lim:erm..Sheue Yen stay at Greenlane,am i right?
Sheue Yen:No,I stay near by school.Datuk Keramat.
Mr.Lim:right ma.. Greenlane and Datuk Keramat also near ma..
Sheue Yen:Hey... is far k?
Mr.Lim:Greenlane and Datuk Keramat is i;m correct.
Sheue Yen:..(speechless).. ok. Then Ker Ying leh?
Mr.Lim:Ker Ying ah.. is harder to see lo.
Ker Ying:Har?

hmm.. i forgot what he said ady. paiseh..

Mr.Lim:see! i said i can know where u all stay from the way see yours face!i know de...... ...... .....
and. we all non-stop laughing.after that,we continue did our work and chit-chat
then he continue talked his things.swt==

went to studio again.
esther late again and me too but i'm earlier than her
we dance.. hmm
my body move.cacat!
can do right side but can do left .
argh! crazy..
but finally i did it! phew..
we learned much.we did much.
we were tired but we just continue our dance.
so syeok!
michelle dance really nice.
when i can be like her?
after dance, we went to new world park
we ate,we watched bboy batter. actually,it was bored.
9something,we back..
so boring.
tomorrow have to go to school again.
have to see teachers again.
have to wake early again.
i'm piggy. i want sleep!
and saturday too.. co-cu..