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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Finally finally finally..
finally we finished our 1st test..
finally i can pass in my account..i never pass it=.=
i can't get A in my math! i make mistake on my graph.. GOSH!
i fail my BC and SEJ ,although teacher haven't mark it yet..HAha
the most horrible thing is tomorrow we have to redo our BM..
3classes did the paper before..
Don't care so much la.. BM is easy for us, right ?
MALAYSIAN, so we have to pass it..

i want go Genting with Ying and i'm not dare to ask for my dad's permission
What to do?

i watching OUTLANDER.. nice movie but it is violence and yucks
i hate that monster.. lol
i like the girl, she is pretty and the man, quite handsome but i think he is not young
hah.. so bad

Happy Holiday!

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