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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a lot of....

tomorrow is sports day.. so..
i want red house's shirt! i lost all contacts in my phone so i can't contact my friends..
i want change to red house! ying and friends all there and i don't want to be alone! Gosh~~~
i want back my phone! i really miss it T.T

TO:who had stolen mine phone (W890i)
If u return my phone to me,i'll forgive you.
I just want my phone.
I won't blame you.
I won't hate you.
I will thanks you.
From: whose phone had be stolen by you

Another terrible thing
taekwondo's tournament and ultimaxx dance competition will be held on the same date--30th of May
i am hyper + super lady! haha...
i still can't arrange mine time for dance and taekwondo practice
hope that Saturday 3-6pm, Kuhan and Jojo are free so that we can learn our dance and 7-9pm i can go for taekwondo..Haha..
finally i get my black belt and uniform with my name--ONG SHEUE YEN 王雪嫣 =)

My results.. sucks!BAD..
almost all failed..
i cried for add math..
i laughed for bc, because i really failed it..hah XD
but luckily i didn't get single digit.. i won't get that for mine whole life..
haha..i scare die.
my daddy and mummy will kill me if i get single digit >.<

these few days i'm not feeling well. can't eat much..
i'll become thinner and thinner.i must eat!
not same with ying.. these few days eat so much.. what's wrong with her?
she said she want keep fit but the next minute she eat again..something wrong with her. =.=

i dreamed of him again..
i can't say that i don't miss him but i'll try not to miss him
what to do? i'm not dare to contact him anymore. he hurt me a lot..
he is playing me..i knew that.~.~
i knew what's ying feel when met "him"
i know that.
so, just try to forget about it. he is not a good guy!

my mummy will view my blog.. hmm..
my cousin will view my blog..hmm..
my aunty will view my blog.. hmm..
my brother will view my blog..hmm..
my whole family will view my blog..hmm..
but, my daddy won't view it..
he don't know how to use the computer..
but, my mummy will tell him what i wrote in my blog.. >.<

oh ya..
i forget somethings...
Happy QIng Ming
Happy April Fool

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