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Friday, March 20, 2009

stupid burglar stolen my FON !

i was in gurney whole day
just walk around n chit-chat v yan
erm...sat at DIGI almost 1-2 hrs
maybe..tats not the time i lost my fon Esther
den his Mr.Raul fetch us to studio .
i still remember i got took it out .
n tat time studio was left <>
and a guy name Ah.Hoong was came in when we're watching video clip
so all of us there din noticed wat he doing.but den we knew tat he bac in just a few minute!!
be4 tat momment we concentrate in dance d wat
i din realise whr my fon too
so..until i'm going back..just knew my fon was lost
tat time my fon still avaible to call-in!!
but den 1-2hrs later my fon was off d! den i knew tat my fon 100% be somebody stolen !
OMG..Esther help me ask Kuhan bt den Kuhan said he had checked studio bt din saw my fon....Ah.Hoong --his fon cant fon in it him????
i trust esther,lynn n raul wont be a buglar.thx 4 helping me: )

so,,erm...i lost my 016.....333 fon
bt den i will get bac my fon num soon
so its still able to call-in
but my fon......sad!

i hope tat stupid buglar will lost tat fon too!!!

written by Esther.
my pc was spoilt too..

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